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About us

Dedicated to opening up the world of information technology to Visually Impaired  people

The Technology Association of Visually Impaired People is a lively community of Visually Impaired people committed to the liberating effects of technology.  We offer training, discussion, networking and assistance to all our members.

Established in 1969 as the British Computer Association of the Blind, we’re the oldest computer association for Visually Impaired  people in the world and in recent times have transitioned and re-branded to TAVIP, The Technology Association of Visually Impaired People.

What do we do?

  • We actively promote the use of computers and technology by Visually Impaired people.
  • We encourage Visually Impaired people to explore the benefits of computers at home, at work and for leisure.
  • We stay up to date with advances in technology, identifying relevant resources and information for Visually Impaired people.
  • We encourage and facilitate peer support amongst our members and the wider community of Visually Impaired people.
  • We campaign vigorously for equal access to computers, technology and the internet by Visually Impaired people.
  • We provide tutorials and training for Visually Impaired people of all skill levels and interests.
  • We create networking opportunities for Visually Impaired people working in a range of sectors, and hold social events for our members.

Who are our members?

We have members of all skill levels, interests and abilities. Our members include everyone from Visually Impaired  people taking their first steps with technology, through to people working professionally in the IT industry. For example:

  • People using computers, mobile phones and other technologies for leisure or enjoyment.
  • Students at school or university, including people studying computing or technology at any level.
  • People in diverse jobs using computers, mobile phones and other technologies in the workplace.
  • People working in all areas of the IT industry, including developers, database administrators, network architects and security specialists.
  • Researchers and academics studying access technologies and other fields relevant to Visually Impaired people.
  • Companies, organisations and societies representing Visually Impaired people, or developing solutions for Visually Impaired  technology users.

Our members use a wide range of computers, laptops, netbooks and mobile phones. In addition they use screen readers, screen magnifiers, braille displays, reading systems and other access technologies.

Our greatest asset is our members. With such a range of knowledge, experience and skills, there is always someone who can help answer your questions!

Why join TAVIP?

There has never been a better time to join TAVIP.

With the recent re-launch of our organisation, there are lots of ways to get involved.

Our Technology discussion list, member profiles, blog posts are just a few of these.

All TAVIP members enjoy a range of exciting benefits:

  • Exclusive members area of the website, packed full of news, resources, information and audio articles.
  • newsletters, keeping you up to date with TAVIP news and events.
  • Annual seminars, with keynote presentations on exciting new topics.
  • Discounts on tutorials, training workshops and events.

If you would like to join TAVIP, please visit:

Meet our Trustees

Jeff Bashton: Chair

Jeff pictured with his tandem.
I have used assistive technology since the 1980’s from specialist devices to screen readers. I use the twin modalities of speech and Braille. Without the efficient use of AT I would not have stayed in the labour market for 40+ years. As chair of TAVIP I see my main role as the modernisation of the organisation, devise plans for its sustainability and to increase the number and diversity of its membership (learn more about TAVIP’s strategy).

David Boden: Treasurer

I completed a specialist assessment for computer aptitude in 1979. This enabled me to gain employment, as a computer programmer with Nottinghamshire County Council where I worked for 38 years. I studied with the Open University for 8 years during the 1980’s and gained a BA in maths, science and Technology.

I have been treasurer of the Association continuously since 1986. As well as maintaining and reporting on the accounts, I respond to messages left on our telephone enquiry line which are concerned with membership or payments.

Mike Cassidy: Company Secretary

Whilst my working background has not been in professional computing, my physiotherapy career would have been halted very much earlier had I not grasped the computer nettle.

I have had long experience in chairing charities and have also been involved with secretarial duties. In TAVIP I moderate the discussion list and am the lead person in the use of the Zoom platform.

Peter Bosher

My work has always been linked with adaptive technology.

For a few years I worked as RNIB’s Project Manager for digital media, and edited the Access IT magazine (An RNIB publication for those interested in IT) before becoming a trainer in adaptive technology for access to the internet. I am a sound engineer and musician and am keen to promote the accessibility of audio and music technology.

Dr. Mike Townsend

I am keen that technology enriches people’s lives. I have been in the IT industry all my working life with mainstream companies, universities and charities.

I am a strong advocate for access to technology for blind and partially sighted people working with Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft.

Mark Owen

I joined the TAVIP board in March 2020. I started my working life in finance, working for a firm of Financial Advisors. I’ve spent over 20 years working in education, teaching, staff development and recently as a Head of Department. I now work part-time in the sight loss sector, supporting others in their use of technology. I use Fusion (a package that employs both speech and magnification) and have a working knowledge of a range of screen reader solutions. I’m keen to explore and share the benefits that technology can bring to our everyday lives.

Paul Leake

I am pleased to be able to support TAVIP as both a board member and Minutes Secretary having enjoyed working to make a difference over the past year.

I have had significant experience of chairing our local Society which provides services to blind and deaf people in Stockport. I am the lead person in testing work with NHS Digital with regard to improving accessibility of the NHS website on behalf of TAVIP. I am committed to working as a team player on the Board.

Karina Gregory

I became a member of TAVIP 15 years ago whilst studying for my degree in Business Information Technology. I became a Trustee in 2018 enabling me to contribute at an exciting and busy period of its development.  I have assisted with the monitoring of the Enquiry Line and supported the monthly Technology Helpline. I am working on developing a database of organisations and groups through whom the work of TAVIP can be promoted.

Cindy Godfrey-Mckay: Social Media Support (not a trustee)

Hi, I’m a fifty-something-year-old Chartered Physiotherapist, registered Blind, with approximately 15% residual vision.

I want to help the TAVIP Board to recognise the ever-growing importance of social media – which will be very influential in growing the charity’s membership and its standing in the technology sector.