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Supporting You

A visually impaired person using a computer at work

A visually impaired person using a computer at work

TAVIP members have a wealth of experience in using all sorts of technology. Many work in IT, with in-depth knowledge of how to access systems used in business and industry. Equally though, many members simply use technology as a tool in daily living, employment or education.

Whether you wish to acquire keyboard skills, learn how to use a windows-based or Apple Mac computer, smartphone, (Apple or Android) tablet or smart speaker (Alexa or Google Home), there are a number of ways in which we can support you.

Email Discussion Forum

The quickest and simplest way to find an answer to a technical query is to join the TAVIP Email Discussion Forum (discussion list) where your question is usually answered within minutes or hours.

Here you can subscribe to our mailing lists.

Monthly Tech Chat

You can also join our friendly Tech Chat which takes place on zoom on the first Thursday of every month between 7:30-9:00pm. We share updates on new technology and apps, and we can also answer any specific questions you may have. The session is hosted by one of our board members.

To access the Tech Chat either:

TAVIP Masterclass webinars

We run Masterclass webinars every other month, looking in detail at accessibility issues associated with specific products or software. In the first few webinars we have reviewed of some of the latest braille displays, looked in detail at audio editing techniques, and explored the features of the BlindShell Classic 2 mobile phone. Details of upcoming Masterclasses are emailed to members.

Tech a Break Weekends

We have been running TechaBreak weekends for a number of years and these are very popular with members as a way to catchup on latest technology, try products and also meet up with other TAVIP members for a sociable weekend.

We will share plans for the 2024 Tech a Break Weekend in due course.

Scholarship Fund

The TAVIP Scholarship Fund will normally be used to assist a member of TAVIP wishing to attend an approved or certificated course which enhances employability, job retention, progression or career change. The level of financial assistance will be decided by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees based on the requirements of each applicant and will normally be limited to a proportion of the course fee.

To request detailed guidelines on the TAVIP Scholarship Fund please email

Technology for Work Training

Our Technology for Work Training Course offers members up to 5 hours of free one-to-one training to help them gain the IT skills needed in the work place so that, with other pre-employment support, they are ready to make the step into paid work.

Depending on your learning goals, the course could cover topics including an overview of assistive technology and access features built into Windows and Microsoft Office, use of screen readers such as JAWS, using Microsoft Office applications, using Zoom and Microsoft Teams, web browsing, using Apple and Android phones and apps.

You can find out more on our Technology for Work page, or for an application form please contact us on

Technology for Learning Training

We have a number of places available on our new Technology for Learning training course. The course provides up to 5 hours of free one-to-one training for visually impaired students who are 16+ to help them develop the skills they need for education and to prepare for the world of work.

Training can cover the use of screen reading software or magnification tools with Microsoft Outlook, Word and PowerPoint, Zoom and Teams, web browsers and smart phone apps.

We adopt a very customised approach so we will adapt the training to match the skills you are likely to need in education or work, and we can provide you with resources so you can continue learning after the course. We can also provide advice on suitable equipment and software, and we can access your PC remotely to help configure it for your needs.

To find out more about the training and to apply for a place, please contact the TAVIP team on

Sound Without Sight Project

TAVIP is delighted to be hosting the Sound Without Sight Project, which provides information and support to visually impaired people wanting to progress in the audio and music industry.

Led by Jay Pocknell, ‘Sound Without Sight’ will be a network and knowledge hub for blind and partially sighted musicians and audio engineers, and a platform to showcase this community to the sighted world. To find out more about Jay’s personal journey, the project, and how you can support, go to this page about the Sound Without Sight Project.

TAVIP Training Directory

We have recently published a Training Directory of people that can provide paid-for training on the access features of popular technology products such as tablets and voice assistants, as well as a range of assistive technology products and software such as screen-reading software, magnification tools and braille displays. Here is a link to the Training Directory page.