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UKAAF Report, January 2018 by Richard West


Once again, I have to report a change to the UKAAF Board of Trustee Directors. This time, Ian Jentle has had to stand down for health reasons. Ian has been a lively and active member of the Board. Among other things, he has taken a substantial role in helping to plan for and report on our annual Conference. He brought a lot of experience to UKAAF and we wish him well for the future. He will be difficult to replace, but we are of course seeking another Trustee to co-opt to the Board.

UKAAF Future Plans

Our agreement to seek approval to become the UK member of the DAISY Consortium has run into difficulty. DAISY expressed a willingness for UKAAF to take on this role, but our arrangements to resource this responsibility are having to be reviewed. At the time of writing, we do have a plan to resolve this, and I hope to be able to give more positive news soon.

Annual Conference

Just a reminder that our Annual Conference will be held on Wednesday 13 June 2018 at RNIB, Judd Street, London. This year the subject will be Employment. We have speakers arranged from Blind in Business and Leonard Cheshire, and are seeking a speaker from the Department of Work and Pensions as well as from an individual, describing their experience in gaining employment. The conference will be followed by the UKAAF AGM.

We had a very good attendance in 2017 and hope to repeat that this year. Full details will be published nearer the date.