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An Overview of the Victor Reader Trek by Paul Leake

(Note:  This article first appeared in the BCAB Newsletter, Spring 2018.)



HumanWare released its Victor Reader Trek in the UK in December 2017. Essentially, it is the second-generation Victor Reader Stream with the additional functionality of both GPS and Bluetooth.


In size, it is similar in length and width to the VR Stream second generation, but is thicker and not what you would call bulky! This unit has a faster processor than its predecessor, allowing for speedier connections to both Wi-Fi and GPS. Essentially, it is a replacement for the Trekker Breeze product.

With the Trek, it is possible to run through journeys virtually for landmarks and saved addresses with postcodes.

The keyboard layout is identical to the VRS comprising the following:

Top row from left to right: the “Go To” button, the “Online/Offline Features” button, (a further press of this button puts you in “Searching for Satellites” mode.) Finally, the third button on this row is the “Bookmark” key.

You then have the standard telephone keypad comprising four rows of three buttons. The bottom row of the telephone keypad, from left to right, comprises: star/Cancel, zero/Info, and hash/Confirm key. Beneath this row is a raised line that separates the telephone keypad from the remaining controls. These are:

  • A key in the centre for setting and reviewing time, date and sleep timer options.
  • The final row comprises rewind, play/stop, and fast forward buttons.
  • As with the VRS, the number seven key brings up settings for the GPS system, and these are self-explanatory once you familiarise yourself with them. Broadly speaking, they cover settings for GPS, landmarks, Routes, import and export of settings, verbosity options including points of interest, distance unit in miles and yards, miles and feet or kilometres. The unit can also provide Haptic (vibration) feedback while navigating, reset pedometer and reset GPS position if required.

Conclusion and Pricing

Having used this product for over three months, I have found it much quicker than the Breeze at locking onto GPS satellites, though the time taken can still vary depending on weather conditions and other factors.

You can now put in addresses with postcodes, as well as using landmarks when you wish the Trek to alert you to a particular place of interest.

Further information about this device can be obtained by contacting HumanWare Europe on 01933 415800, or visiting their website at

The current price of the Victor Reader Trek is £545.00.  (Price checked November 2019.  The website also states an alternative funding option from £45.42/month.)