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Vital Tech: impartial guidance through the world of assistive and inclusive technology by Darren Paskell – December 2018


This article appeared in the Winter 2018 Newsletter.  In it, Darren Paskell introduces the Vital Tech website which “seeks to be a guide through the world of assistive technology.)


The rapid pace of technology development makes keeping up with the latest innovations and trends a challenge, even for the most ardent of tech enthusiasts. This is compounded for those of us who may not be so technically inclined. Many of us find the TAVIP community an invaluable resource for swapping tech tips and advice on a wide range of topics and scenarios. Similarly, a search engine will offer up plenty of suggestions, if you already have some idea of what you’re looking for. But what if you don’t know where to start? Enter, Vital Tech!

What is Vital Tech?

Vital Tech ( is a website which seeks to be a guide through the world of assistive technology, providing an overview of products and resources which blind or partially sighted people may find useful in daily life. Vital Tech has been developed by blind and partially sighted people, for blind and partially sighted people and remains a neutral, independent entity supported by organisations, including Thomas Pocklington Trust.

What’s covered on Vital Tech?

Information is divided into several task-oriented themes such as “being organised” and “staying in touch”, helping to demystify tech and inform people about the sorts of tech that may be worth considering in relation to certain tasks. While the initial focus has been on highlighting tech for home activities, the Vital Tech team are exploring the possibility of covering tech for mobility and employment in the future.

Getting involved with Vital Tech

Vital Tech is available now. The Vital Tech journey is only just beginning, and the team would very much welcome your help in shaping future development. You can get in touch by emailing