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Useful Organisations

The following organisations provide a wide range of advice and support on issues associated with assistive technology, employment and digital inclusion.

AFB AccessWorld Magazine

The American Foundation for the Blind produces this free monthly online magazine which includes news and reviews of products and services relevant to a Visually Impaired audience.  Some content is US specific, but there is much that is also of relevance in the UK.

International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)

IAAP is a professional membership organisation promoting and supporting the dissemination of skills and techniques in the wider field of accessibility.  Its stated mission is “to define, promote and improve the accessibility profession globally”.  To this end it employs networking, education, and certification, offering regular online seminars in various areas of accessibility to individual members and member organisations. IAAP runs a number of forums dedicated to the interchange of accessibility-related information, and has developed a certification programme which includes the following areas:

A list of certified members is held in the Certified Professional Directory

Additionally IAAP produces a regular newsletter and you can sign-up here.

The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs

The G3ICT quotes the following goals on its website:

  • Promoting digital inclusion through ICT procurement policies, standards, and technical resources developed with United Nations agencies.
  • Benchmarking progress in implementation, deploying capacity building programs on digital accessibility policies for governments and advocates.
  • Fostering innovation and promoting accessible technologies and environments for all at G3ict annual flagship event, the M-Enabling Summit.
  • Building accessibility skills through its division IAAP, the world’s leading provider of professional resources and certification in ICT accessibility.

National Braille Press

The National Braille Press is in the USA which, despite its name, produces books in Braille, eBraille, DAISY, a navigable audio format and MS Word. For example, it contains books on windows keyboard shortcuts, iPhones and Android devices.

Browse its Technology Guides for blind users – second heading on page.


The technology section of the RNIB website contains many fact sheets and other support services to empower you to understand the range of technology available and the support they can  offer. This includes guides, and information about the Technology Volunteers service through which you can request a visit from a volunteer to help with technology-related issues.

To speak to an RNIB Technology for Life coordinator, please call 0303 123 9999, email or complete their support request form.


If you prefer to have accessibility solutions demonstrated then you can access a range of podcasts, videos etc from Henshaws Knowledge Village.


Common braille commands for VoiceOver on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be found at


AppleVis offers an extensive range of support for users of iPhones. iPads and Macs.  The site includes a forum, blog, podcast and tutorial guides.

Microsoft Accessibility

Visit the Microsoft site to find out more about the range of accessibility tools they offer.  Many of these are built into Windows or are available as phone apps.

Other External Links

  • Tooltips in the time of WCAG 2.1 by Sarah Higley. The author works for Microsoft, and this is her review of the history and accessibility of Tooltips on Websites.
  • Improve Internet Accessibility for Individuals with Impaired Vision by A challenge for millions of people with a visual impairment is how they can effectively use the internet for e-learning, shopping, remote working, business, and other key aspects of their everyday living. We recently published a guide on internet accessibility for the blind and impaired, that covers topics such as what are web content accessibility guidelines, what vision conditions can cause people to struggle using the internet and tips for easier internet browsing.
  • DATEurope: A New Voice for Digital Assistive Technologies Across Europe This announcement from G3ict: The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs.