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It has long been recognised that TAVIP members and others with a significant visual impairment need access to training to assist them to fully master technology-related mainstream and specialist products. The skilled use of such products can enhance people’s employability and promote independence and wellbeing.

Whilst, understandably, many people would like such training delivered to them in their own home this can be a very expensive option. Therefore, you may want to consider training that is offered remotely, as it can be very cost-effective. With your permission, trainers can install and configure software and set up your device remotely so that it functions in the most optimum manner for you.

Our Training Directory provides details of people that can provide one-to-one training. We do not claim that this list is exhaustive and, while we do know many of the people listed, we are not able to quality assure the training that is provided. Any contract made between yourself and a training provider is your own responsibility. If you are unsure, you could also ask them for references from other people they have trained.

TAVIP would be delighted to receive reviews on any trainer that you use, and you can send any feedback to

Trainers are listed alphabetically.

Accessible Computer

Alternate Visions Coaching (AVC)

Aspire Consultancy.

Computer Room Services.

Florian Beijers.

Gary Eady Computer Training.

Hartgen Consultancy.


Jason Beal

Sight & Sound Technology.

Sindhi Systems.

Taira Technology.

Visualise Training and Consultancy

Accessible Computer

 Accessible Computer provides assistive technology training courses for visually impaired people, as well as consultancy for disability officers and other professionals working with blind people. We deliver training courses for small groups or one to one, at distance or face to face, covering topics like:

Jaws for Windows screen reader, NVDA Screen Reader for Windows training course, Dolphin SuperNova, VoiceOver screen reader on Mac computers and iOS devices, TalkBack screen reader on Android smart phones or tablets, blogging as blind with WordPress, Podcasting course for blind users, Accessible Facebook Training, and e-mail for screen reader users.

Contact details: Adrian Tamasan


Phone: 07788241125



Alternate Visions Coaching (AVC)

 AVC specialise in sight loss, assistive technology training, coaching for living with sight loss, back to work skills & confidence building.

AVC specialises in delivering training on VoiceOver for Apple products.  VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader found on all modern Apple devices. It gives Apple users full accessibility to all of the features of their device, without the need to purchase additional software.

AVC also offers training to users of Dolphin GuideConnect and Dolphin SuperNova. These are software packages that can be installed on most modern Windows 10 tablets, Desktop and Laptop computers. They enable visually impaired and blind individuals to use computers by utilising magnification, colour contrast, screen reading software or in some cases, a combination of all of those features.

Training in the use of these assistive technologies can be delivered to individuals or groups and is tailored to your individual needs. Training can be given in the comfort of the client’s own home on their own device, or if the client is a company/organisation, it can be delivered on their premises.

AVC understands that individuals may feel uncomfortable receiving strangers into their home, so offers remote training by telephone or video calling services as an alternative.

Contact details: James Goldsworthy

Phone: 07801 446624




Aspire Consultancy

Aspire Consultancy is an independent company that provides quality advice, assessment and a training service on all aspects of assistive technology for visually impaired people. We also sell products that are specifically designed to improve your quality of life at work, at study or in the home that help you fully realise your full potential. We serve corporate, educational and private clients across the UK.

Our training service includes training on mainstream software packages, internet and e-mail solutions. We also supply desktop and laptop computer systems tailored to the needs of the individual.

Packages supported include: JAWS, J-Say, J-Dictate, NVDA, Dolphin GuideConnect and Supernova, ZoomText and Zoomtext Fusion, and the Apple Operating System iOS.

Training is provided remotely online, by telephone or face-to-face.

Contact details: Graham Longly
Phone: 01904 762788




Computer Room Services


We offer training on all the main screen reading packages and also on a wide variety of software including WordPress.

We do not run specific courses, instead we try to tailor the training to your needs. Training can be done over the telephone or over Zoom or Microsoft Teams and can also be recorded for you to keep.

We train by the hour, a minimum of one hour must be taken, and then notes are emailed or sent in your preferred format at the end of the lesson. There are no contracts – you can take as few or as many lessons as you wish. Home visits can be arranged.

We are also able to remotely connect to your PC, so that we can see, and show you, exactly what to do when training.

Contact details: Steve Nutt
Phone: 01438 742 286




Florian Beijers

My name is Florian Beijers. I am a totally blind developer, accessibility consultant and instructor.

Under my company name Dexxit, I enjoy giving people the tools to enrich themselves digitally, be it through a better grasp of their screen reader, a higher degree of productivity online or a number of other related topics. My niches are primarily the Visual Studio Code programming editor, the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation as well as the tools and techniques required for a job in cybersecurity. Additionally, I am knowledgeable about the various screen readers on Windows, Mac OS and iOS and would be happy to train anyone up on these technologies, either generically, or for your particular application and use.

This training would take place remotely, on a schedule you decide and with ample time for questions throughout.

Contact details: Florian Beijers




Gary Eady Computer Training


Gary has more than 25 years knowledge and experience at working with blind and partially sighted people.  He provides training and support in the use of Windows 10, Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint), web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, all in conjunction with screen reading technology.  He is an expert in the use and configuration of JAWS and has extensive knowledge and understanding of how to use applications using keyboard commands.

Gary is also able to provide training and support in the use of an Apple iPhone/iPad in conjunction with the VoiceOver screen reader.  Gary has a great sense of humour and uses it to make his training session enjoyable!

Contact details: Gary Eady


Mobile: 07771 953866

Location:  Redhill, Surrey.


Hartgen Consultancy

At Hartgen Consultancy we believe in providing visually impaired people with the best possible service and support. Whether you are a user of the JAWS for Windows screen-reader who needs some training at home, an employer of a blind person who would like to ensure an application is accessible, or you would like a screen-reading product to make your life easier, we’re Hartgen Consultancy and we can help!

Popular products include: J-Say, J-Dictate, Leasey, StationPlaylist Studio Accessible Broadcasting, JAWS for Windows Training Courses, Zoom Professional and Microsoft Teams Scripts.

Contact Details: Brian Hartgen

Phone: 02921 051325

Email us:




For over 30 years, HumanWare’s inspirational vision has resulted in a range of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions that empower people who are blind or with low vision by giving them the independence to participate effectively within a sighted world.

We offer a wide range of innovative products for which training will be provided by our specialist trainers via Skype, telephone and Teamviewer.

Contact Details:

Phone: 01933 415800 (Option 2)




Jason Beal

I am a AT trainer with over 5 years’ experience of providing training on a wide range of products.

The products I cover are: iPhone training, Jaws for windows, Windows 10, Zoomtext, Zoomtext Fusion, Zoom for hosting with a screen reader, Office 365 with a screen reader, and Python with a screen reader.

Contact details: Jason Beal

Phone: 07394 104 549



Sight & Sound Technology

Sight and Sound Technology is an accredited training provider  with resources across the UK and Ireland.

We are experts in supplying and supporting assistive technology – software and hardware – designed for use by those with sight loss,  to help them in keep independence and help in their everyday lives, be that work, education, round the home or out and about.

We provide training in sessions of 1, 2 or 3 hour blocks, depending upon location and the individual’s requirement. We are considerate of pace and IT experience and tailor the sessions to fit the user, incorporating their everyday needs into the design of the sessions.

Some examples of the assistive technology we train on are:

  • Computer software for the visually impaired such as JAWS, ZoomText, Fusion and Supernova
  • Braille and Blindness technology such as Notetakers, Braille displays and Braille learning devices such as Mountbatten
  • The latest technology for low vision such as OrCam, Envision glasses.

We are expert in training for any age, from School right up to those happily retired!

Contact us at:

Phone: 01604 798070




Sindhi Systems


At Sindhi Systems we strive to assist all customers with additional support they may need in order to use their devices with ease.

We can provide hardware and software solutions for visually impaired people which help with day to day tasks as well as having the skills and experience to customise systems to an individual’s needs.

Our services include – Windows based systems. Mobile phones (including Windows Mobile), Voice Recognition, Web development, installation & configuration & IT Support.

We can provide support on a variety of hardware and software platforms including Windows, Mac and mobile phones.

Contact: Ashif Sindhi

Phone: 0116 249 8100




Taira Technology

Taira Technology is a family run business that helps blind and visually impaired individuals and organisations with every aspect of technology. We offer many products and services to assist people living with sight loss.

We are pleased to offer technical support, training and a health check service to solve any problems you may have with your computer/device (where necessary). Many problems can be solved remotely over the phone/internet in the comfort of your own home.

Some examples of tasks we can help with include assistance with using a new program or device, or helping you to complete common tasks that require sighted assistance, such as online shopping, learning how to use a new device and much more! We can provide training on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux platforms. We have jaws and NVDA accredited trainers in house. If you are thinking of starting a website, we can also offer training on WordPress, Drupal and various online content management systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are very friendly and approachable.

Contact: Taira Technology

Phone: 0343 2897501



Visualise Training and Consultancy

Visualise provide specialist assistive technology training on Jaws, ZoomText, SuperNova  and Dragon.

Contact: Dan Williams

Phone: 07472 305 268