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Podcasts, videos and other resources

Here are some great sources of information and advice about assistive technology.

The Apple Vis newsletter and podcast

The AppleVis Newsletter is an occasional newsletter featuring news, announcements and updates from the AppleVis website.

The AppleVis podcast concentrates on all things Apple, primarily with VoiceOver.  It includes demonstrations of apps and iOS features as well as news from Apple (new hardware and software releases, sales figures and much more).  A must listen if you use an iPhone or iPad with VoiceOver.

Signup for the newsletter at the Applevis webpage

Here is a link to the the Applevis podcast

RNIB Tech Talk Podcast

Tech Talk is a podcast and radio show for blind and partially sighted people who are interested in accessible technology. Find out about the latest products from specialist equipment to off the shelf solutions.

RNIB Tech Talk on audioboom

Living Blindfully

This is presented by the highly regarded Jonathan Mosen. It covers breaking news in the world of Assistive Technology, questions and answers regarding existing technologies, demonstrations and listener comments.  Additionally, it includes topics such as advocacy, cooking, politics and pretty much anything else.

Here is the Living Blindfully website

Living Blindfully on Apple Podcasts

Double Tap On Air

This is presented by Stephen Scott and Shaun Preece, formerly of RNIB Tech Talk.  It’s humorous, informative and up-to-date with technology news.

Double Tap Podcast episodes

The Blind Android Users Podcast

Here is the Blind Android Users website

Here is the Blind Android Users Podcast on Apple Podcasts

We have had recommendations for three Facebook groups. You may need to join to participate:

JAWS Screen Reader Users.  Discusses all things JAWS.

NVDA Screen Reader Users.  Discusses all things to do with NVDA and Windows 10 10-11.

iPhone and iPad Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Other podcasts and programmes which were highly recommended included In Touch on BBC Radio 4, Talking Tech (Vision Australia radio), PC Pro, the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast and the Sight and Sound YouTube channel.