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A person using a braille display

A person using a braille display

We have pulled together a range of useful resources on software, apps, products and training which can help visually impaired people to access technology.

If you would like to suggest other resources which might help others, please send us an email at


Podcasts, videos and other resources

We asked our members to recommend podcasts, video channels, websites, and social media feeds which can help people keep up to date with emerging technology. Here are the podcasts, videos and other resources.

Training Directory

Our Training Directory lists people that can provide paid-for training on the access features of popular technology products such as tablets and voice assistants, as well as a range of assistive technology products and software such as screen-reading software, magnification tools and braille displays. Here is a link to the Training Directory page.

Useful Organisations

We have provided details of other organisations working in the field on assistive technology, employment and digital inclusion. Here is the Useful Organisations page.

Public Policy and research

People with a visual impairment still face significant barriers in terms of digital inclusion, access to technology and paid employment. We have shared a number of reports which highlight current barriers and make recommendations for positive change. Here is the link to Public Policy and Research.