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Skill Sharing

This is a TAVIP initiative designed to put those in need of training to use hardware or software in touch with those who can provide it.

TAVIP has not assessed, and cannot therefore endorse the skills of any trainer, and will not deal with any dispute which may arise between the parties.  However, TAVIP reserves the right to remove any trainer from the Skill sharing scheme without giving any reason. Similarly, TAVIP reserves the right to amend/edit details provided as it sees fit.

TAVIP recommends a charge of not more than £15.00 per hour.

In the first instance, we would like to hear from individuals and organisations who would be interested in joining the scheme, and who are able to offer to deliver training and in any of the following areas:

  • Keyboard skills;
  • Jaws, NVDA, Zoomtext, Supernova or other screen reading or magnification software;
  • Use of Apple Macs, iPads iPhones and
  • other mobile phones or smart devices including the Amazon echo range (popularly known as Alexa), GoogleHome etc
  • Windoows installation and configuration.
  • Other: Please specify.

Please submit your details to:

In the following format:


Telephone No,

Email address,

Website address,

Services offered

In the same vein those requiring the list of trainers should email: