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Technology Association of Visually Impaired People

TAVIP (Technology Association of Visually Impaired people) is a charity registered in Scotland that provides services and welcomes members from the whole of the UK. TAVIP promotes, supports and encourages the use of technology amongst blind and partially sighted people. TAVIP also has international members and whilst we do not go out of our way to recruit these we are happy to capitalise on the benefits of greater diversity. TAVIP is the successor organisation to the British Computer association of the Blind (BCAB), a self-help organisation founded in 1969.

We’re involved in the following key activities:

  • Sharing impartial advice about computers, tablets, mobiles and assistive technologies.
  • Campaigning for equal access to technology and the internet.
  • Hosting independent technology help lines and discussion fora.
  • Producing technology articles, tutorials and webinars.
  • Holding technology meetups and events.


Our members include people taking their first steps with technology, through to people working as professionals in the IT industry. TAVIP, Formally the British Computer Association of the Blind, has a noble history of accessibility reform and community engagement to improve accessibility across the board.

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Scholarship Fund

The TAVIP Scholarship Fund will normally be used to assist a member of TAVIP wishing to attend an approved or certificated course which enhances employability, job retention, progression or career change.  The level of financial assistance will be decided by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees based on the requirements of each applicant and will normally be limited to a proportion of the course fee.

(See these detailed Guidelines).

Get in touch

To get in touch, you can email TAVIP at:

Or leave us a phone message on:

0203 637 6070